Dragon Tiger: Basic Guideline And Game Tips

will increase the probability of winning

Dragon Tiger is almost the same as the Baccarat system of betting. It also has the same basis as Casino War. This game is very easy even for beginners. It uses two cards only, Tiger or Dragon. It developed in Cambodia and became popular in the Asian continent. It is a very fast-paced game that each game round only lasts for about 25 seconds with a 15-second betting time.

How to play Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger uses the Standard English deck of 52 cards. The Live Dealer dg game is often chosen by most players. It gives you an authentic casino experience.

Two cards dealt face-up on the Dragon and Tiger spots on the table start each round. There are no jokers or wild cards. The game is usually dealt from a blackjack shoe holding six or eight decks.

The winner is the one with the highest card. There are two important rules to consider in Dragon Tiger. Aces are always low. The order of cards from low to high is Ace to King. The hand is a tie if both spots get the same rank card. The house takes 1/2 of each bet in case of a tie. If it is not a tie, the high card wins and the low card loses.

Betting on Tiger or Dragon

Betting in Dragon Tiger is very simple. A player places bet on either the Dragon or Tiger side of the table. There are also various side bets. Betting time in Dragon Tiger usually lasts for 15 seconds only.

Game tips

There is very little strategy on Dragon Tiger.

  • Card counting. Most players count cards and keep track of how many small or how many big cards have been dealt. Keeping track of the suits played is the easiest strategy. There are only four possibilities. It would be an improved wager to bet on a suit when three of the four suits appeared more than a single suit. Players sometimes make their own charts. This is so they can find winning parameters for other numbers of decks used. An eight-deck shoe is most likely to appear. And it is likely to become shuffled after four decks are already used.
  • Suit-based tactic. Most players consider Dragon Tiger as a luck-based game. But a player can also win using a strategic point of view. Make sure that you have an idea of the specific suit dealt more often. It is crucial to be able to make a proper calculation on the number of suits dealt and the ones remaining on the deck. This will increase the probability of winning.

will increase the probability of winning

  • Tie Bet. The Tie Bet often pays 8 to 1. It aims to make players big bucks. It also comes along with a house edge of 32.77% in a bet. This makes the Tie Bet difficult to win. Do not engage in this kind of bet. In a total of 86,320 hand combinations, only 6,488 are suitable ties. There are 79,872 chances you will lose this bet. There are only 1,456 ties ever won.

Easy access on the internet made this game more available to the rest of the world. Players can also visit the Entaplay Official Facebook page for more information.