Liar’s Dice is a popular game throughout Asia, mostly in China. There are many online versions of this game available on different sites, like w88 pantip. It is a traditional dice game played during Holidays, especially Chinese New Year. Two or more players can play this fast-paced game with unlimited rounds. Players can set a predetermined number of rounds or can agree to a time limit. One of the great things in this game is that you can add new players and more rounds as the game goes along.

You will need:

1. A cup for each player

2. Five dice for each player

3. A table


Mechanics of the game

Players roll the dice to determine the first player, and the player with the highest number will be Player One. The winner from the previous round will go first in the next round. Decide ahead if the play will move clockwise or counterclockwise around the table.

1. All players place their dice in the cup.

2. Players cover the container using their hand.

3. Players shake the cup.

4. Players then place or slam the cup upside down on the table. Make sure the dice stays inside and away from everyone’s view.

5. Players lift the cup to look at the dice. Be careful not to show to others what you have rolled.

6. Player One calls out how many dice of specific value are on the table. The player can call out, “two fours.” The other players have two options. They can accept the call and move to the next player, or call Player One a liar.

7. The next person becomes Player Two if they believe Player One to be telling the truth. Step 6 will repeat. This time, it should be a higher value than the previous call. In this case, Player Two can call out, “three fours.” Calls like “five fours,” “four threes,” or “three sixes” are also acceptable. Player Two cannot call out anything less than two of something even if the numerical face value is higher. A “two sixes” is not an acceptable call. Step 7 then repeats.

8. When other players do not believe a player’s call, they call him or her out a liar. Everyone reveals their dice. If the player who made the call is correct, the player who called him or her out will pay up. If the player has an incorrect call, he or she will pay. The round is over, and the winner begins the next round.

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