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            Decanter centrifuge | Sludge dehydrator | Centrifugal dehydrator | mud dehydrator | Jinhua horizontal screw centrifuge | Complete set of sludge dewatering equipment
            About us

            Company Frofile

            Jinhua Shenzhou Centrifuge Co., Ltd.

            (formerly restructured from a state-owned enterprise founded

            in the mid-1970s)

            The company is a professional manufacturer of sludge/sewage

            treatment equipment and solid-liquid separation equipment.

            Main production

            LW series decanter centrifuge, SZ stacked screw dewatering machine, LWS 3-phase centrifuge, centrifugal dewatering machine, sludge thickening and

            dewatering integrated machine (sludge dewatering integrated machine), sludge dewatering complete equipment, sewage treatment Complete sets of

            equipment, planetary gear differentials and decanter centrifuge related supporting equipment (sludge cutter, shaftless screw conveyor, integrated flocc

            -ulant preparation system, etc.).

            With more than 20 years of production history, the products are spread all over the country and have gone abroad, and have long-term cooperation

            with universities, such as Zhejiang University of Technology. It has the product design and development capabilities of LW series centrifuges, and has

            obtained national patents. There are a variety of precision equipment and supporting process technology and advanced testing equipment and tech

            -nology used in the production of centrifuges, a strict quality assurance system and a complete after-sales service guarantee system. The company

            is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, design, manufacturing, sales and service.

            The company is committed to the R&D and manufacturing of (decanter centrifuges / stacking screw dehydrators / 3-phase centrifuges / complete sets

            of sewage treatment equipment), providing centrifugal separation equipment and solutions for tens of thousands of domestic and overseas users. Mr.

            Sun, Chairman With decades of design and manufacturing experience, it has realized high-speed separation technology and has national patents.

            China's first batch of decanter centrifuge production and research units participated in various university collaborations, lectures and lectures. Leading

            the development direction of centrifugal separation equipment and centrifugal separation technology, products are exported to dozens of countries over


            The company has independent import and export rights, and the equipment is currently exported to the United States, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Croatia,

            Czech Republic and other countries. Tailor-made exclusive solutions to solve your separation problems.

            Focusing on solid-liquid separation solutions for decades, it has provided professional services to nearly 10,000 companies worldwide. Professional

            product application technicians will tailor-made filtration and separation equipment solutions for you to solve separation problems. One-stop service

            makes you more worry-free.