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            Decanter centrifuge | Sludge dehydrator | Centrifugal dehydrator | mud dehydrator | Jinhua horizontal screw centrifuge | Complete set of sludge dewatering equipment
            Service support

            Service support

            Provide complete data: installation foundation drawing (complete set of equipment also includes plane installation layout), pipeline
            drawing. The operation manual of horizontal screw centrifuge, operation manual of frequency convert- er, certificate of conformity
            and packing list shall be provided during delivery (the complete set of equipment also includes the operation manual of auxiliary

            equipment). Special tools and spare parts.

            Pre-sales service
            Provide technical support according to the actual situation of customers and provide customers with the best separation machinery.

            Sales service
            In depth communication with customers, such as equip- ment installation location, on-site simple maintenance space, new plant

            construction orold plant transformation.

            After-sale service
            IGuide installation, on-site commissioning, technical training, free of charge.