Pusoy Dos: The Filipino Poker

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This variation of Big Two is a popular card game in the Philippines. The goal is to be the first to discard your hand by playing them on the table. If you cannot be the first to play all your cards, at least aim to have as few cards as possible. You can play your cards on their own or in certain combinations using Poker hand rankings. This Poker variation can have two, three, or four players.

How to play

The dealer shuffles the deck and gives each player one card at a time. Turn could be clockwise or counter-clockwise. Each player receives thirteen cards if there are four players. In games with three people, each player receives either thirteen or seventeen cards.

The player with the lowest card, which is the three of clubs, begins the game. He or she needs to play that card or a valid card combination using that card. The player will place the card or combination faced up on the center of the table. The next player must then play a higher combination of the same number of cards. He or she can pass his or her turn if there are no available cards to play. If a player passes, he cannot play until a new round has started. In case all players pass, the person who last put down a card combination will start a new round. He or she can play any card or valid card combination again. Everyone can know the number of cards each player has in hand at any time. You must tell the truth when asked.

Playing Online Slot Games

Winning and scoring

The first person who gets rid of all the cards in his or her hand wins the game. If you know you cannot be the first to play all your cards, aim to have as few cards as possible. In some variations of the game, the game continues until there is only one who has cards remaining.

Game scoring involves penalty points and positive points. If you decide to play a game where it ends when a person wins, the winner gets one point and the losers will have no points. In a game where it continues until only one person has cards, the winner receives five points. The second-placer gets three points, and the third-placer will have one point.

The suit order and card combinations of this game is the same as the classic Poker game. Although they are similar, there are vital differences. Unlike Poker, the game has no “two pair” combinations. A four-of-a-kind needs a fifth card to be complete, but a three-of-a-kind does not need any card with it. An exemption is for a full house where you play it as a five-card hand. Only a better combination with the same number of cards can beat another combination.

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